Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Yotie Check

A couple of days ago I was on my usual walkies up on the mesa when a large German Shepherd crossed the street in front of me. Since I didn't see an owner I then defaulted to, "that was no dog." Sure enough, I got within 50' of it and saw that it was a yote. Of course I did my usual furry cry of "Yotie-o!" to which it gave me its typical look of, "Fucking furries." And off it trotted.

Last night we were having our usual C.U.N.T. get-together at Scritch's, and there was a very yappy yote not too far in back of his wall. It yipped at us for almost a half hour.

When I got home around 9:30 I was able to herd Diva and Fling into the house, but Yoink was nowhere to be found. That's OK. He always comes for Kitty. When she got home she called for him, but he was nowhere to be found. At 1:30 I had to pee, so I took the opportunity to call for him again. Nothing. At around 3:30 I was rudely awaken by a yotie chorus just up on the mesa. We both ran downstairs to call for Yoink with me at the back door and Kitty at the front. No kitty. Now it was time to get a little worried. He is usually a chicken shit and runs inside with any strange noise. He usually doesn't stay out all night. It has happened before, but very rarely.

When I finally headed down to breakfast I called for him again. No kitty. Once again, very worrisome, but then again he has pulled this shit before. Sure enough, he popped up at the patio door about 15 minutes later. Phew. What could he have been doing all night?!? I got my answer about 15 minutes later when I went to get Diva who was pouncing something outside. She had caught a field mouse. As I grabbed her to bring her inside I saw the dead (half-eaten) bunny on the lawn. Well, at least Yoink wasn't hungry while he was outside. And here we were blaming the yotes for the sudden disappearance of bunnies in the hood. Maybe he is an honorary yote for his bunny-killing skillz.
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