Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Gettng Wood

I was going to make a comment about sounding like Beavis and Butthead, but I see I already used that schtick when I made a similar post back in February of 2016. That was when Scritch and I headed up to the Zuni Mountains to gather some firewood for the recently installed fire pit. During a recent C.U.N.T. meeting we discussed fire pits and firewood. We talked about heading back to the Zunis and getting another load of wood. I said, "How about next weekend?" And so it was set.

There is a question about the whole legality of doing what we did. You're supposed to get a permit to remove wood, but I always assume that it's for folks who sell it commercially or use it as their primary source of heating. When we go camping, we build campfires without needing a permit. We're just building campfires outside of the forest. Besides, we're mainly collecting small stuff that doesn't burn for long periods of time. We want large branches and not trunks.

But whatever. I used Google Earth to find a place that wasn't far from the main road, but far enough to not attract attention. It also had nice ponderosa pines. Unlike last time, the road was nice and dry and easily drivable. We found a spot with visible downed wood and got to work. Like last time we had the bed of Scritch's pickup loaded in about an hour. It was then time to head home and unload. Since the weather was so gorgeous we rewarded our effort with Polish beer on the upper patio where we could catch some warming rays. We hopefully have enough wood to last us another few years.
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