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Fursuiting with Marilyn, Elmo, and Spiderman

It was a lazy morning in the Bear Den. albear, dexter_fox, carol_kitty, and myself all got up in the late morning and hung out, trying to overcome furry inertia whereby a group of furs will stay inactive unless acted upon by an outside force. I wanted to have a pic of myself taken in fursuit near the Hollywood sign. So we all piled into the Kittymobile and headed to a viewpoint near the sign. Once again, pics will be uploaded after I get home. It was already getting warm, but I wanted to suit Hollywood Blvd. We made a quick detour to Fuddruckers for lunch. The same manager was working there as was last year when a group of us from Confurence went there for dinner. We explained furry to him and he was all cool with it. He made Dex and I shake our tails for a table that had little kids.

After lunch we headed to Hollywood Blvd. I suited up in an underground parking lot and emerged right in the heart of tourist central. There were various people there in costume schlepping pictures for money. Me, I gave it away! Well, one person took my picture with his kids and slipped Carol a dollar. *LOL* We gave the dollar to a street musician and he played a song while I danced. I got my picture taken with Elmo, Marilyn Monroe, and Spiderman. Half the people thought I was Kenai from "Brother Bear." Oh well. I wore my Sabot nametag just so everyone would know who I was (i.e. I WASN'T &%$#@ SMOKEY!) I also ran into the Siamese twins that are attached at the head. One wanted to take my picture, but the other one didn't. Just by chance, Carol's boss drove down the street while we were out there. She called Carol on her cell phone and asked what she was doing on Hollywood Blvd. wearing a collar and hanging out with someone in a bearsuit. *LOL*

After I de-suited we headed over to Ameoba Records where I picked up a couple of cd's and a copy of "Meet the Feebles" which will be shown at the next furmeet! So now we're back at the Bear Den and I'm enjoying a few beers to come down from my fursuiting high. I'll be back on the train tomorrow.
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