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Back in the hood

I'm back from my wonderful weekend in SoCal. My train got in a little late yesterday, but I still made it back in time to put in an afternoon at work. Well, the station is a whole 3 blocks away. The trip was uneventful except for a couple of Mexican mamasitas who couldn't shut the f*ck up almost the whole way. I had also decided to treat myself to a nice breakfast in the dining car. Who do they seat me with? Another Mexican who doesn't speak English. *facepaws* Oh well. It's nice to watch the countryside drift by while eating French toast.

I'm happy to welcome a whole bunch of new folks to my LJ. I met a bunch of wonderful folks at Califur. So welcome joey_leaf_runne, mooglepower, stevefoxx, and brown_wolf. I think I'll hold off adding t_h_squirrel since I doubt he will ever post anything nor read any of my posts. Another con goer had a few choice words to say about our squirrelly friend that made me almost wet my pants.

Once again, it was great to hang out with old furiends and meet new ones at Califur. I am definitely looking forward to AC next month. I hope to put on another rockin' room party if it doesn't get shut down by the man. Maybe branch out into a CSI-type party like I heard was held at CF. You just can't get enough freaknasty homo butt sex. *giggles*
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