Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Pre-FC Post

In a "normal" year I would be posting this from Albear and Dexter Fox's Domain, or perhaps I would be arriving at their place today after spending the weekend visiting a friend in Yuma. But this year will be different. I probably posted about air fares several times as I wrote about planning for the cruise. I had heard that Southwest had started non-stop service to San Jose, so I thought I would check out the price. It was dirt cheap! While I somewhat enjoy the 1000-mile roadtrip, I also hate driving alone for 3 days (thus also taking 4 vacation days just for driving). There's always the chance of hitting snow at Flagstaff. There's also that horrible drive up the 5. So why not hop on a plane and be there in 2 hours? I won't bother with a fursuit since I haven't flown with one in over 10 years. Oh well. The main purpose is to hang with friends.

I hope to actually spend a little time with c_eagle this year (if he's going). Last year I barely had time to say "hi" to him while he was in suit. I'll probably just find some central location and hang out, waiting for folks to pass by. On Sunday I will continue my tradition of "con my way" by spending much of the day in the room drinking and watching the NFL Championships. I'll probably post my room number in a post Thursday, so stop on by if I haven't seen you yet.

On another con note, I had an opportunity to go to BLFC in May, but I think I will pass. I usually do a roadtrip to visit Mom around that time, so I will do that instead. I've said this here several times in the past; the whole "con thing" just doesn't have the luster it once did. I would plan my year around them, trying to hit as many as possible. Now it's a definite "meh."

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