Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Room With a Jew

Last night I watched "The Diary of Anne Frank." It was in my quest to watch all of the Best Picture Oscar-nominated films that I have overlooked over the years. I'm not sure how I missed this one. I know I read the book (or play) in school like I'm sure many people did. Kitty said they made her watch the movie for a class (so she had no desire to see it again). It's one of those movies that you can't say anything bad about know...the Holocaust. But if you compare this with something like "Schindler's List," I think you can say that this was a bad movie. I shouldn't say "bad," more like overly-hyped. Hollywood turned it into some kind of love story between her and Peter. Maybe there was some teenage love there, but probably not like the way it got portrayed in the movie. I've been reading some intellectual highbrow stuff from some supposed Jewish scholar and he slammed the portrayal in the movie as well as in the play. *shrugs* That has to be taken with a mountain of salt as well since it drips of ulterior motives. Taken as a piece of entertainment, the movie wasn't all that great.

Starting on Saturday Turner Class Movies begins it's annual "30 Days of Oscar" film festival. It's time to get the old DVR ready to record a bunch of movies. In all there will be 54 Best Picture nominated movies shown that I have not seen before. And if someone asks you how many Best-Picture nominations there have been over the years, that number is 563.

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