Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-Nominated Shorts - Live Action

Since the Oscars were so early this year, we barely had time to watch the last of the short movies and get home in time to catch the show. I think I'll make a second post about that and just write here about the short movies.

"A Sister" - An emergency operator tries to get help to a woman who is in danger of being hurt/killed by an abusive boyfriend. There have been several movies lately dealing with trying to get help to someone on a cell phone. It was done much more effectively in last year's "Mother." A good film, but not great.

"Brotherhood" - A son returns to his family after fighting for ISIS in Syria and is rejected by his father. Pretty meh with a vague ending.

"Saria" - Based on a true story of an orphanage (almost like a prison) in Guatemala where the children were punished for an uprising by being locked in their cell block. A fire breaks out and kills 40 young girls. A good film. Probably my second favorite.

"The Neighbors' Window" - A young family struggles with day to day life in a New York City high rise. They envy a young carefree couple in the building across the way. But who is watching who? This was my hands-down favorite movie and it was awarded the prize later in the evening.

"Nefta Football Club" - A fun quirky tale about 2 boys, a stash of heroin, and a headphone-wearing donkey who listens to Adele. It was nice to have some comic relief.
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