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"Shrek 2" Soundtrack

Normally movie soundtracks are teh lame. The one "hit" song from a movie is usually the one that plays during the credits. I remember seeing a video for a song from the movie "Election" that was very catchy. When I watched the movie, the song was played for about 5 seconds as a song that was playing on a radio in the background.

It's extremely rare that I walk out of a movie and go, "Dang! There were great songs in that flick!" The last time that happened with me was with the movie "Vanilla Sky" with songs by the likes of Radiohead and REM. And now there is "Shrek 2." I waited for the closing credits to see who some of the artists were. I knew one was Tom Waits which earned many coolness points. And then I saw the likes of Counting Crows, Pete Yorn, and Eels. Even David Bowie does a remix of his "Changes." I knew I had to go out and buy it. And there it was at Costco yesterday. Murrrrrrr. Great stuff! Even the artists I hadn't heard of before were great. Overall, a cool collection of songs.
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