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I saw the movie back in 2011 when it came out. I wasn't very impressed with it. Maybe I expected there would be a lot more action like "Outbreak," but this seemed slow-paced with interweaving stories. I decided to watch it again yesterday since it was on demand and I had heard that it really is appropriate for what is going on in the world. It was scary how accurate it was. Granted, the virus in the movie is a lot more deadly with a fatality rate over 20%, but the same concepts that we're hearing in the news every day were all brought up in the movie. The director was asked how he got so many things right. Simple. He did a lot of research with the CDC and WHO to make as accurate a portrayal as possible. Scenes of empty store shelves and people running around supermarkets in panic looked a little too real. The next step which I'm dreading and hoping we never reach is the civil disobedience stage where not only is Costco having a run on toilet paper, but Costcos start getting looted. I hated to start thinking about when it would be the necessary time to start packing heat.

Of course I'm most worried about my Mom who is alone in Chicago. She is at the highest risk being elderly with a respiratory condition. For the most part she is self-quarantining, but she makes stupid statements like, "maybe I'll just run to the store for some milk." I yelled at her over the phone yesterday when she told me that. I told her the epitaph on her grave was going to be "I know I shouldn't do this, but..." I can understand her sense of isolation, but what else can be done. If I were there I would probably be running around doing errands for her. Then it would be me who would potentially bring the virus into the house. At least she has her caretaker who comes once a week who can go shopping for her. Hopefully the limited exposure to other people will keep her safe. The only other bad thing about her situation is that she has the TV on constantly. When you're in Chicago, that means you can easily see 6 hours of news every day. So she is being constantly bombarded by media hype. It's a no-win situation.

My last thought on the subject is that I'm happy there are people like Dr Fauci out there who are using science and facts to inform the public. If there is a hero in this situation, it is he. I laughed when I was going to Google his name to get the correct spelling. All you have to do is type "Dr" and his is the first name that pops up. Trending much? *lol* It's also laughable to hear our Dotard-in-Chief make some stupid statement and then have Dr Fauci come on to set things straight. I realize that "Contagion" was just a movie, but since they DID do so much research on the subject, I have to wonder what is REALLY going on at the CDC and WHO. I have a feeling that there is a LOT they are not telling us, probably for our own good. We don't have people dropping dead in the street (yet?) but there is an underlying sense of urgency that I am picking up on. Perhaps there is concern of a possible modest mutation that could kick this thing into a whole different level. Perhaps it's just the fear of a total meltdown of our medical establishment. We shall see. Judging from the spike in deaths in Italy over the weekend, this thing is far from over.

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