Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

COVID Update

About the only major change over the past week is that now both Kitty and myself are working from home. She cleaned out a place upstairs while have been working downstaris. So far it has been working. She needs a wired connection to the Internet while I can use our wi-fi. There hasn't been too much slacking. I'm goofing off about the same amount at home as I would do in the office *LOL* The cats have been enjoying having their slaves available for door duty an extra 8 hours a day.

The weather is almost to the point of really enjoying the outside. We did a freeze last week with temps falling to 30 early Friday morning. The cherry and plum trees are still flowering. The peach and nectarine trees don't look very happy, but we shall see. The apricot tree has quite a few little green fuzzy balls which I hope will not drop. Perhaps we dodged a bullet and we'll get some fruit.

We did venture out to the grocery stores on Saturday. It looks like eggs are the new hot item. Fresh veggies are thankfully still in stock and on sale. Picked up broccoli for $0.79/lb, asparagus for $0.99/lb, and yellow squash for $0.33/lb. We actually found chicken and ground beef. In the category of non-food bargains, Kitty was able to fill her gas tank for $1.35/gal.
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