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Where did the weekend go?!?

Erf! Another week back at the orifice. I mean office. The weekend evaporated with a bunch of little tasks around the house consuming all of my time. I also spent a lot of time on the phone yerfing with friends. It was fun to actually talk with tigerman again. I will hopefully partake in a dinner prepared by him next month when I visit NYC. Also spent a lot of time yerfing with carol_kitty as well as albear and dexter_fox. It has only been a week since Califur, but I miss them so. But at least I'll see them again in a month at AC. Well, I get to see Carol in 5 days when she arrives for a one-week stay. Yay!

Don't forget, you NM Furs out there! Albu-FUR-que '04 on the 19th!

Finally got to see "Caligula," the uncut, unedited version. A bad historical drama combined with a bad porno. I was expecting more. OK So Caligula sleeps with his sister. and a horse. what's the big deal? I had heard about his grandfather, Tiberius, from my college roomate who took a class in Roman civilization. It seems he liked to swim with little boys who nibbled him like little fishes. Peter O'Toole played a pretty good whacked out Tiberius. And he was nibbled by adults in the movie.

In memory of D-Day I popped "Patton" into the dvd player. I love that flick! George C. Scott was so awesome in that role.

I also burned another cd mix from a Saturday night disc spinning session. It turned out very well! I'll have to get Carol's opinion. I can burn a copy if anyone is interested. Just call me Joe K-Tel.

Waiting on a Friend- Rolling Stones
Talk of the Town- Pretenders
Steve McQueen- Sheryl Crow
Listen- Collective Soul
Extra Ordinary- Better Than Ezra
The New Pollution- Beck
Central Reservation- Beth Orton
Committed- Pete Yorn
Celebrity Skin- Hole
Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters
Army- Ben Folds Five
Ironic- Alanis Morissette
Shimmer- Shawn Mullins
How Good It Can Get- The Wallflowers
Tailspin- The Jayhawks
Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco
Nineteen- Old 97's
Alex Chilton- The Replacements
Witchita Skyline- Shawn Colvin
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