Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

What the Bear is Watching - COVID edition

Lots of people are binging things nowadays since everyone supposedly has so much free time to watch things. But if you're still employed, and the weather is turning lovely, you really don't have that much free time to waste in front of the boob tube. But we have found a few programs which we have been enjoying.

"The Outsider" - HBO - We had heard that this Stephen King story was adapted quite nicely for tv. We gave it a shot. Yeah, we got sucked in. It was a bit long and the payoff was just OK, but it was intriguing enough to keep us interested.

"Midnight Gospel" - Netflix - I saw a preview for it, and it looked like an interesting acid trip. It's from the guy who does "Adventuretime," so you know it's going to be pretty fucked up. It was. The animation is wonderfully trippy, but the dialogue is based on interviews he did where he asked people about their views on life, death, religion, etc. To me that's almost like asking a stranger to describe, in detail, a dream they had the other night. Nice to look at, but lots of mental masturbation.

"After Life" - Netflix - I heard about this show on Facebook when a friend asked what should she be watching. A bunch of people recommended this show. So I gave it a shot. I was instantly hooked. Kitty watched an episode, and she was sucked in as well. We binged all 12 episodes in a couple of days. Ricky Gervais is a widower who loses his will to live, but he carries on and helps folks in his trying to cope. It's pretty rare for me to almost be in tears at the end of every episode. Kitty too. It's sometimes sickeningly sweet, but it works. I can't say the same for his earlier show, "Derick," about an autistic man working in a nursing home. It is even more sickeningly sweet, but left me emotionally flat. I only made it a couple of episodes before ditching it.
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