Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Gardening at Night

Lots of bonus points if you know that musical reference.

I decided to plant a few things in the garden this year. I think my problem last year was that I relied to
o much on the sprinkler system which didn't supply adequate water to the plants. They grew. I did get some veggies, but it seemed that things just got by and not flourish. So this year I'll be a little more proactive in my watering efforts. Another thing I didn't take into consideration was sunlight. The garden is on the east side of the house so it gets a lot of sunshine until at least 4 o'clock. But I noticed the tomatoes which were at the far north end of the plot got into the shade much earlier. I think they prefer more sun. So this year I moved them to the south end of the plot. And that's pretty much all I have planted so far; tomatoes. I put in 10 plants that I picked up at the nursery on Tuesday. The selection was pretty picked over, but I got a 4-pack of Belgian Giants and a 6-pack of various heirloom varieties. I was naming off the varieties to my sister who is a plantaholic and I could hear her eyes rolling over the phone as she gets sick of all of the cutesy names growers give their hybrids. Fortunately Kitty got on her phone and looked up the various types. It looks like we should get a nice mixture of regular-sized tomatoes as well as small/cherry ones in all sorts of colors. We shall see!

I'll probably put in some green beans and maybe some cucumbers, and that'll be it. I still have a row of carrots I planted last year that over-wintered. The same goes for some onions I planted. The didn't do very well last year. I left them in the ground, and they grew like gangbusters starting in March.

I guess I'll only be planting things in the future where you get bang for the buck. Onions are fun, but I can get them pretty cheap at the store. Is there a difference in flavor? Probably not. At least with tomatoes the taste between a home-grown one and a store-bought one is like night and day. Green beans usually grow plentifully and only rarely go on sale at the store. Things like the carrots seem like a waste of time. *shrugs* Sometimes it's just fun to grow your own stuff.

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