Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Getaway

Last week I was lamenting the fact with Kitty that I was supposed to be taking my roadtrip to see Mom this weekend. Obviously that wasn't going to happen. I also realized that I had almost a month of paid time off that I probably wouldn't be able to use since there's no place to go. A "staycation" would also suck because I am already home 23/7 (1 hour for walkies). It would be nice to just hop in the car and go somewhere. It would have to be a modified roadtrip since we really couldn't stop anywhere. Getting food would be a chore. Meh. But the idea of just going for a long drive to see a pretty part of the state sounded pretty good. So on Saturday we hopped into the "new" car and headed north.

In New Mexico we have a series of roads that have been dubbed "The Enchanted Circle." It's a loop that goes through the Sangre de Cristos just to the north and east of Taos. I don't know if I have ever driven the complete circle. It sounded like it would be the perfect destination for a long drive. We took a lot of back roads that wind their way through the foothills of the Sangres. These are old Spanish-era settlements with narrow twisty roads. I never take them because I'm usually in a hurry to get somewhere. Not this time! Traffic was also very light with most people staying home. So we were able to just set the cruise control for the speed limit and enjoy the scenery.

We got to Taos around noon and stopped off to get some authentic Mexican food at Taco Bell. Yeah, I know we could have found a local place and ordered online, but we didn't want to hassle. We had a nice little picnic in Kit Carson Park. We then drove through the mountains to Angel Fire. Then we headed south to Mora where we picked up the highway to Las Vegas. It was a short hop to another small highway that lead south to I-40. On I-40 it was a quick trip back to ABQ. The one thing I noticed was that semis were hauling ass like I have never seen before. Normally I set the cruise for 80 and pass dozens of trucks. Not this time! In fact many were passing me! Either they are getting a free pass by the police to deliver supplies to the nation or the trucking companies have removed speed governors/controllers to keep freight moving as quickly as possible.

We got home around 6 which made it just about a 9-hour drive. The car performed very well getting almost 40 MPG. One thing I had to get used to was the active cruise control. It automatically starts to slow you down as you approach the car ahead of you. It freaked me out because I was getting ready to pass the car in front of me and found myself slowing down instead of speeding up. It's actually a pretty cool feature once you figure it out.
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