Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Happy Days Are Here Again

From all of my posts about movies I have made here over the years, you can probably guess that I really love them. I have been re-discovering old tyme classics in my quest to watch all of the Oscar-nominated films, and the oldy moldy ones are readily available. So I have seen quite a few movies from the 30's. One of things I have noticed is that there are lots of high=society events, big musical numbers, Manhattans and martinis flow like water, and people are always hopping on a train or ship to go somewhere. Then you stop and think, "Hey! Wait! This was during the height of the Depression!" What about bread lines and scores of people on the streets?!? You see hints of it in old "Three Stooges" shorts where they're riding in a boxcar or hitchhiking across the country looking for a handout. But from the movies, you'd think the 30's was a fabulous time in America.

Of course the answer is that movies were the ultimate escape at the time. Who wanted to go to the theater to feel bad?!? You wanted happy! You wanted to see people enjoying life! Life was depressing enough without seeing more of it on the big screen. Maybe an exception would be "The Grapes of Wrath (1940)." What we're experiencing today is nowhere are dismal as back then, but I am starting to see things through those eyes. After being bombarded by bad news, there was nothing so nice as to sit back and finally watch the Downton Abbey movie. It was pure escapism and I fully enjoyed it. Last night we watched "Goodbye, Mr Chips" which came out in 1939. It was so nice to see such a sweet movie. Maybe we will come out of this with a better attitude. Maybe we will start to appreciate the little things in life that we now realize can be taken away from us very suddenly.
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