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Thank you, Mr Reagan

I found out yesterday that Friday will be a national day of mourning, so all federal offices will be closed, including mine. When Nixon died they did the same thing. I went hiking in the desert with my office mate. This time I think I will go see "Harry Potter." carol_kitty was supposed to show up in ABQ on Friday evening. She managed to have her flight time pushed up, so we will spend the afternoon at the movies. There's an awesome Brazilian restaurant next door. I told her I would treat her after the flick. You just can't argue with all-you-can-eat meat. Mmmmmm.

I had a nice chat with scruff_e_coyote last night. I was surprised when he pounced me. We started yerfing about mascotting and he pointed me to a website where they recruit professional mascots. I submitted my resume' and hopefully will hear back from them to see if there are any opportunities in the area. OMG! That would be sooooo cool!

I will be performing as Sabot this weekend for the Sandia Mountain Bearwatch. It is an organization devoted to making folks who move into bear territory know how to live in harmony with their bruin neighbors. I ranted last year about the woman who called Game and Fish after she saw a bear in her front yard. Well, the bitch hadn't listened to the warnings about leaving bird feeders out all of the time. The bear got its brains splattered all over her lawn since it was a "problem bear." So I hope to get more involved with the group to help educate the ex-city-dwelling morons that they have to learn to co-habitate with the furry folks whose territory they are invading.

BTW, ironing shirts sucks much ass.
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