Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

COVID Diaries - The Prepper Edition

We just got back from Costco in what was one of the more expensive trips there. I decided to become something of a prepper. Not a hoarder who loads up on a single thing, but rather someone who wants to be able to ride out a possible extended bad period. I had been talking about this with scritchwuff during our last CUNT get-together. He said that he had a bag of rice and a bag of dried beans hidden away in case something bad happened. I had been thinking about something like that myself, so today I pulled the trigger at Costco. I consider it my $500 insurance policy. It was actually a lot less since we bought some clothes and other items that we regularly use, but we also added canned vegetables and canned meats which we stored away in case some shit hit the fan. I figured it was a win-win situation. If something happens, we have food to get us through a few weeks of hardship. If nothing happens, most of the food is good until 2023, so we have 2 years to eat it or donate it to a food pantry if things ever get back to "normal."

I just have a feeling that we are in the eye of the hurricane. We survived the first wave of the storm, and everything looks kinda nice right now with blue skies and calm winds. But the other side of the storm is out there lurking. Pretty much every model I have seen shows a second wave hitting us in the fall that will be worse than what we are (or have) experiencing (experienced.) So now is the time to get ready while we have the chance. I hope I'm wrong that there will be some even worse catastrophe to befall us, but why take a chance. We have already experienced a bunch of bullshit with fights over toilet paper and people coming to blows over face masks. I see a lot of ugliness in human nature just under the surface. What if the stores close because every employee is sick? What if truckers get sick or go on strike? What if food processors can't keep up with demand due to new restrictions? So much unknown! So having a pantry full of Spam and baked beans is just a little thing that can make things seem a little safer.

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