Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Squirrel Drama

On Monday I was sitting on the patio when I noticed the cats had caught something. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a baby squirrel. Lovely. What was interesting was that the cats were not particularly interested in it. In fact at one point it walked over to Diva who gave it a look of disgust and walked away. The squirrel then started following her around. I had visions of the classic Chuck Jones cartoon "Cheese Chasers" where mice don't like cheese and want a cat to eat them. The cat doesn't want to eat the mice and asks a dog to murder him. "IT JUST DON'T ADD UP!!!" I finally captured some video of the following event where the cats then find a mouse to chase while the squirrel still wants to interact with the cats who want nothing to do with it.

The squirrel eventually came up to me and I gave it my finger. It started to suckle. Ah ha! It was looking for mommy and thought Diva would be a good surrogate. I wasn't going to find milk for it since I drink soy milk now. I did have an apple core left over from lunch, so I gave it to the squirrel. It seemed to like it quite a bit. OK. Fine.

The next day I saw the squirrel again except this time it had a sibling. Great. Later in the day I realized that there were now THREE of the little bastards running around. Now I was getting afraid that one or more might find their way into the house. Fun time was over. I rounded up the 3 into a bucket and carried it about 50 yards away up the mesa. They would either find mama or a hawk or a snake would find them. Not my worry.

The next day I either found them again in the yard or 3 more of their siblings. They were rounded up again and deposited farther away. If they make another appearance, I will box them up and drive them a mile or so away. This wildlife fun adventure is starting to get old.
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