Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

COVID Diaries - June 7

Not much to report. Routine is routine. About the only interesting thing to happen was that a few furiends invited us over on Friday for a BBQ. We jumped at the chance to be social. We're to the point now where we just don't care any more. It seems that most new cases are in prisons, nursing homes, or on the rez. It felt good to hug friends and enjoy a good meal. The liquor stores are now open so I took the opportunity to refill the liquor cabinet. 20% off wine was a great deal.

I have discovered a few things while I have been home. One, my idiot neighbor across the street does not just get out his "Mexican bagpipes" on the weekend. Oh no. He brings them out EVERY OTHER DAY! I have never seen someone so obsessed with his lawn who feels it so necessary to disturb the whole neighborhood. On a much nicer note, I have discovered that a male Bullock's Oriole has been making regular visits to the yard. I have seen him in previous years, but only for like one day. Now I know he hangs around a little bit longer. One year I was thrilled to see him and then caught Diva with him in her mouth a minute later. Fortunately only his ego was bruised.

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