Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Little Normalcy

Several weeks ago my La-Z-Boy recliner gave up the ghost. The frame cracked after surviving 20 years of my fat ass. I wanted to go out and get a new chair, but with restrictions in place, who knew what was open or not. With restrictions slowly lifted, we headed out to our favorite furniture store. There were quite a few folks out and about looking at the inventory. I wanted a dark brown leather recliner to go with our sofa. I found a nice chair with power functions to fully recline. At first I thought it was a bit much, but once it fully reclined and the headrest popped up so that you could watch TV from a totally prone position, I was sold. There was a matching sofa, but we already had a nice sofa. Once Kitty sat on it and reclined, however, she didn't want to get up. OK. I guess we'll take the set. What was amusing was that I asked the sales person if that was the best price. She said it was. While she was checking to see if they were in stock, I typed in the model number and saw that it was $200 cheaper FROM THE SAME STORE! When she entered the model # into the system, the sale price did pop up. But yay for saving money.

After that we headed off to Lowes to get some big flower pots since I needed to do some transplanting. Once again there seemed to be a lot of folks out and about. By this time it was way after lunch, so we stopped off at a NM restaurant across the street. It felt so weird actually eating IN a restaurant again. Chips and salsa never tasted so good! After that we stopped at the store to pick up some fresh veggies since we have been making it a point to eat healthy. Then it was time to head home to relax on the patio.
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