Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

One Year to Go

One of the casualties of the pandemic has been the certainty of the future. One thing that keeps us going is something on the horizon we can aim for. When is the next vacation or con or meetup with family and/or friends? There's the planning of the trip, the anticipation, the mental state of something good to keep us going. That's all out the window. For me, however, today marks an important date. One year from today I will hit my M.R.A.; my minimum retirement age. At that point I can head out the door with no financial penalty. I probably won't retire on June 22 because I'd rather stick it out until August when I reach my Service Computation Date. That's when I will have 30 years of service under my belt. With that, I can definitely call it quits. There is still the problem of service time vs retirement time which I need to work out. Some of my time was temporary service which doesn't count towards retirement. Then again they also factor in unused sick leave which I have a bunch. So it could be sometime in 2022 that I would have the full 30 years. But then again I don't want to play "the 1% game." For every year under 30, they deduct 1% of your base salary for your pension. For every extra year that you stay on, however, they give you an extra 1%. So you can forever be staying working in pursuit of that extra 1%. And if you wait even longer, they make it 1.1%! Oooo! But then you're always chasing that extra few bucks as you get closer and closer to death. You decide to call it quits when you're 65, and maybe you're dead in 10 years. Wouldn't it have been better to have an extra 7-8 years doing what YOU wanted to do? So if I go out with 29% or 30%, it really doesn't make all that difference. It's just 1 more year for myself and not being beholden to a job. I think that's worth the less than $100/month I'll be missing out on.

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