Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

What the Bear is Watching - July Edition

Another media milepost post.

"BNA" - This has been going around the furry circles as of late. It has kicked off a whole debate on which anime is better, this one or "Beastars?" Each has a different furry theme. "BNA" has anthros living in a world with humans. "Beastars" has an all-anthro universe like "Zootopia." I think I'm liking "Beastars" a little bit more, but the more that the plot evolves in "BNA," the more I'm liking it.

"A Whisker Away" - While looking for "BNA" (since I thought it was WHOLE New Animal instead of BRAND New Animal) I just typed in "furry" into the Netflix search. Up popped this anime movie. The plot looked intriguing since it involved a girl transforming into a cat in order to get the love of a boy she likes. It's loaded with teenage angst and, in typical anime style, there's lots of "Hey! Let's just make shit up!" But it's also very nice to look at and overall very cute.

"Hamilton" - We still have tickets to see it next year if we're allowed to go, but Disney+ has put up a version filmed live a few years ago. Let's see what all the buzz is about! Both Kitty and my takeaways were, "It ain't all that." There may be a couple of kinda recognizable songs, but overall it was just OK. And I will make the very un-woke comment that having actors-of-color play our founding fathers is no better than Mickey Rooney playing a Chinaman or Jeff Chandler playing an Indian. It doesn't really add to the story. If they get more inner city kids thinking about history. OK. But it doesn't really add anything. Call me when they have George Clooney playing Martin Luther King.

"Picard" - Kitty went out and subscribed to CBS All Access since she kept hearing from her sci fi friends that this show (and the new Star Trek) was so good. The buzz was right. It's a very interesting plot like the original. I cringe a little at the tropes that keep getting rehashed, but overall it's fresh and quite bingeworthy.

"Money Heist" - I kept seeing this recommended on Netflix, but I was turned off by the title which seemed really lame. Well, I thought that as well about "Peaky Blinders," and I ended up loving that show. So I gave it a shot. It's a Spanish series and the title is someone's brilliant idea to Americanize it. The Spanish name is "House of Paper" since the heist takes place at the mint in Madrid. It's pretty standard "Ocean's 11" stuff where every detail is planned out and it works until it doesn't. But it's interesting enough to keep me watching.

"Monty Python's Flying Circus" - Yes! I finally watched all 45 episodes in chronological order. I had never done that before. It's much more interesting to see how the show evolved over time. I hadn't even realized that John Cleese wasn't even in the final Season 4 since he had a dispute with BBC over content and censorship. You can see the show starting to go downhill and they even decided to pull the plug halfway through the season. And I now notice the fursuits a little more closely like those found in "The Mouse Problem," the Pantomime Horse, the Pantomime Goose, and the lion in the "Scott of the Antarctic" skit.

We're also almost done with "Travelers" and I'm sure we'll be getting addicted to something else in the near future.
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