Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

One To Go

Today marks another milestone. I now officially have 29 years in with the government. Full retirement is considered 56 years of age (plus a little extra) plus 30 years of service. One year from today I will have met that criteria. As I mentioned in a post from a couple of months ago, age is really the most important factor. Once you hit that age you can leave with as much service as you want. You're just dinged percentage points. But then you play the 1% game. "Well, if I stay one more year, I get another 1%! And if I stay another year, that's another 1%! And soon you're working your last few good years of life all for that almighty dollar that instead of spending on nice trips, you're now spending on adult diapers. So I hope to be out by the end of next year. If I end up with 29% of my salary or 30%, it won't make that much difference. Hopefully Mom will still be hanging on and I can give her a better time of it.
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