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Bi-polar bear

I had a wonderful mood swing yesterday. I had been chugging along just fine and then I watched Reagan's funeral procession. It was the same old crap with the news broadcasters spouting hyperbole about what a great man he was and what he meant to the country. And then in the Capitol dome the camera panned over to Nancy and my heart just broke. The look in her eyes and her body language took me back a year to when my mother stood by the coffin of her dead husband of many years. For her, she watched the man she loved slowly die of cancer. For Mrs Reagan, she watched her husband whither away to the scourge of Alzheimers. To me it finally brought the whole event down to a personal level.

I then took Anubis for his walkies. On my walk my head was full of all manner of thought. I had noticed that my attitude had turned somewhat sour. I got all depressed about any little issue. I had been here before and just tried to clear my head of the phantom problems that kept poking at me. I debated whether or not I should even get online and chat for fear of either blowing up at some trivial issue or making some sort of insulting statement that would be way out of line. I decided to risk it, letting everyone know ahead of time that I was a bit edgy. All in all, everything worked out fine. I'm glad I have such a loving coon. He recognized that I had started getting snippy at some comments and changed the subject to something else. August can't get here quick enough.
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