Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

COVID Diaries - A Little More Normalcy

Since I had a 5-day weekend planned, Kitty thought it would be nice if we went to the zoo which had just reopened on a limited basis. Unfortunately her co-workers beat her to asking for the day off, so her boss said she had to work on Friday. She had already reserved a time, so I decided to ask scritchwuff. He has been cooped up at home as well as caring for his mom, so a little distraction for a few hours was welcomed. The zoo has a one-way path lined out where you can see most of the outside exhibits. As I mentioned, you have a time window when you can enter which staggers the crowd. Overall it worked, but people still ended up bunching up at some exhibits. Also, everyone walks at a different pace, so it's hard to maintain constant spacing. And then there are the parents with their strollers always stopping to fuck around with their kids. So on the one paw it worked out well, but on the other they need to tweak the system a little to make things flow a little better. And fear not for Kitty. She reserved another time for tomorrow when we can be together. So I get to see the critters again and get another day outside.

This morning we had another bit of normalcy. Our nanny governor decided restaurants could once again open up at 25% indoor capacity. We decided we needed a green chile fix, so we went out for breakfast at one of our usual spots. It worked out very well. We had a tasty socially-distance meal. The staff were happy to be working again, and the "new normal" worked out just fine. The "slowly but surely" approach to the pandemic seems to be working quite well for our state. Our numbers are stable or on a downward trend, and we can still go about our daily business in a careful manner.
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