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The Bear Fair

What a wonderful weekend so far! The fun all started on Friday morning when I picked up carol_kitty at the airport. Thanks to Reagan, I had the day off so I could pick her up in the morning as opposed to the late afternoon. We headed back to the bear den and crashed for a few hours. We then headed over to the theater to see "Harry Potter." It was a pretty good flick. I'm glad I had read the book before so I knew all of the backstory that had been cut. After the movie we headed next door to Tucano's Brazilian Grille. I introduced Carol to the concept of all you can eat meat, brought to your table on long skewers. After we stuffed ourselves I took her on a short walking tour of downtown. It would have been very enjoyable if it wasn't for all of the panhandling bums that invade in the evening.

Yesterday was a fursuiting dream! There is nothing better for a bear fursuiter than to perform at an event devoted to bears. I was asked by Sandia Mountain Bearwatch to perform at their Bear Fair at the Sandia Mountain Ski Lodge to inform people how to peacefullly co-exist with bears. I suited up at around 10:15 and performed until around 1:15. After a short lunch break I suited up again for another hour. It was a GREAT time! I was followed around by a photographer for the Albuquerque Journal so I hope to be either in the main paper or their East Mountain edition. I was also followed around by a videographer for the local NBC affiliate. I knew I was going to be on t.v. since I posed with the chairman as she gave her spiel. What I wasn't aware of was just how much he shot of me outside goofing around with the kids. OMG! I was on screen for a good portion of the news story! The best schtick I did was to pick up a little boy and run away with him. He was just sooooo kyoote! He's the little blonde boy in this pic.

So, Yay! I'm a famous bear! (and no, mr_silvers, I am an attention SLUT, not a whore. I give it away).

And I have to mention that feralmuse was there as well with Talking Talons. It was fun to hang out with her as she handled snakes and owls. Even I got to handle a boa while in suit. The picture didn't come out, though. And speaking of pictures, here are a few more from the event.

In front of the Sandia Ski Lodge

At the Bearwatch table

Raiding a campsite set up as a display

Even 88-year-olds like bear hugs

My beeyotch!
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