Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mesa Update - 2020

Ever since development started on the mesa in back of the house, I have been keeping track of how the work has been progressing in annual year=end posts. This year is no exception! Here is the latest map showing the houses that have been constructed or are being constructed. My own criteria is that the house gets added to the map when framing begins. I pointed out in an earlier post that there is at least one house that was started years ago and never completed. I guess they just ran out of money. This year the total is 149. In addition there are 28 houses in the Tiburon development (Unit 18). There are several lots with either foundations poured ready for framing or for a foundation ready to be poured. There are also several lots raised and leveled and waiting for foundations. They finally started a house above (to the west of) FurCentral. Thankfully it is a one-story job where only the top of the roof is visible from the patio.


Going back to old year-end posts, here is how the development has been going (# of houses not including Unit 18):
2014: 4
2015: 24
2016: 50
2017: 77
2018: 95
2019: 112
2020: 149

And with that...Happy Nude Deer!

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