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A touristy Sunday

carol_kitty and I had a lazy Sunday morning. We were both tired after the previous days activities and so we slept in as much as possible. With Skookum and Anubis around, that means you can't stay in bed for very long without being pounced, stepped on, licked, etc. We decided to take the tram up to the top of the Sandia Mountains. Now I have lived in the city for over 5 years and have never taken the tram. I have sent visitors on the ride, but had never gone myself. So we drove across town and took the ride to the top. It was an incredibly beautiful day. Temps were in the low 90's at the bottom and low 60's at the top.

Once on the top we saw that you could ride the ski lift down to the ski lodge where we had been the day before. I had sooooo wanted to suit the ride, but Carol was afraid of heights. She now felt brave enough to attempt it, so we did. OMG! What a relaxing ride! We just sat there and watched the forest quietly drift by as countless hummingbirds went nuts with the bushes blooming profusely with purple flowers. It was awesome. We made the round trip and then headed back down the mountain. We decided to catch an early dinner so we stopped at Bucca di Bippo for which Carol had a gift certificate. OMG! We got enough food to feed a small Italian family. Carol just HAD to have dessert, so we ordered a Tiramisu that ended up being the size of a small brick. We barely managed to eat half of it. Oh yeah. I'll be eating good tonight!

I just finished catching up on LJ. I had been away for 3 days and had 325 posts to read! Yes. I read EVERY entry on my friends list. It was fun to read about the meme virus that went around. Good! Maybe everyone will stop posting so many of them!

I just got called for a phone interview on Wednesday for the Yakima job. I am extremely torn about this. I do want to get back to the Northwest and to learn a new river system. On the other hand my life here seems to be firing on all cylinders at the present time. Money is not an issue. At the same time, the potential promotion here is now in the works and I am in the running. Gah! I guess I can play both ends for the time being and see what falls out.
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