Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Covid Diaries - The Path Back?

I'm in the office today. I was in the office yesterday. I will probably be in the office tomorrow. Surprisingly, it feels kinda nice. I have to give my big annual presentation today, and we had a dry run yesterday to iron out potential problems (like me saying something politically incorrect which might offend someone.) I give the same presentation tomorrow to a group of southern irrigators which it seems our management has pissed off. So I have to navigate that minefield. But the overall big picture item is that I really don't mind coming into the office. Wearing masks all around is a pain in the butt, but since I have my office, I can just shut the door and be isolated. I did notice a bump in my feeling of well-being. Having bouts of depression while working at home seemed to be on the rise with me. This is a nice break. My boss even told me that if I want to start coming in on a regular basis, that would be OK. I think I might start to do that. About the only thing I miss is not having a bathroom 10' away.

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