Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscars 2021

After getting back from our trip, it was nice to just chill in front of the tube. We continued our tradition of watching the show. Of course with Covid it was a low-key event. Why they hosted it at Union Station, I have no idea. If I were a Metrolink or Surfliner rider, I would have been pissed. But anyway, the show was better in that it cut out a lot of the bullshit like playing all of the nominated songs and doing recaps of all of the Best Picture nominees. It was a bit odd to have the hosts sometimes just launch into the names of the nominees and announce the winner with little fanfare. I had heard a complaint that there were so many movies nominated that no one ever heard of. I call bullshit. If anything things were better this year because so many were available on streaming services. You actually had a chance to see a lot of the movies, not that it opened at some art house in Manhattan the last week of the year which qualified it to be nominated.

Glad that "Nomadland" won Best Picture. We both enjoyed it. I knew "Sound of Metal" would win in the Sound category. "Soul" was a shoe-in for Best Animated Feature. I was a bit surprised that "If Anything Happens I Love You" won Best Animated Short, but not really. I was definitely surprised that "Colette" won Documentary Short, but I think it was my second pick. "Two Distant Strangers" easily won for Best Live-Action Short. I was also happy to see "Another Round" won for Best Foreign Language Film. We just recently saw it and really enjoyed it. And I guess the Academy likes nature films seeing "My Octopus Teacher" won Best Documentary. Like I had said, it was a nice film, but perhaps not the best. And I guess there's lots of butthurt that Chadwick Boseman lost to Anthony Hopkins. Gee. Sorry. Maybe the old white guy DID do a better job than the black man. All you're doing is promoting the idea of tokenism. I guess it doesn't count that an Asian woman won Best Director.

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