Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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Yesterday was your government in action; a three-hour round trip drive for a 30 minute meeting. Erf!

I had my phone interview for the Yakima job today. It went very well. It only took 20 minutes. At one point I had them confuzzled because I essentially answered their next question. I was just playing around looking at real estate in the area. It's not bad, but not as cheap as I had hoped. *shrugs*

It seems I am the new target of the trolls on a.l.f. Funny since I haven't posted there in almost a year. I think I might feed them and have a little fun.

I took my truck in today to have a creaking in the suspension looked at. Hopefully it's just a bad shock.

That is all. Live long and perspire.
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