Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Long and Winding Road

One thing that saves my sanity on long roadtrips is XM. I remember the bad old days where I would have to compile a list of radio stations that I could tune into to find some good music or NPR. Satellite radio made that all a thing of the past. I usually switch back and forth between modern rock and classic rock. When I feel like I need to hear another human voice, I tune in NPR or Bloomberg. Driving home with Kitty in the car is usually nice until she falls asleep. 90's rock is our default music. I started getting sick of grunge, however, so I bounced around the dial looking for a genre we could both enjoy. I was hoping the Beatles channel was still around, and it was! Even better, they were doing a special Labor Day show where they were playing every Beatles song ever released in chronological order. We were set! On Saturday we tuned in just as they were getting to "Sgt Pepper." We arrived at our hotel just as they were staring "The White Album." 12 hours later we were back in the car heading west and they were back at "The White Album!" So then we listened to their final recordings before they started once again at "Meet the Beatles." We then listened all the way back to "Sgt Pepper." It was a fun experience. They also included bits of history and trivia about every song.

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