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I was all set to have a relaxing evening at home yesterday (after ironing. BLEH!), but I had forgotten that I said I would go to the ballgame with my friend Gary. Oh well. A fun night out at the park was better than sitting at home drinking and chatting. And so we headed out to the park to watch the Isotopes play Oklahoma. We had kick ass seats, front row right at 3rd base. Orbit the mascot was a little more animated during the game, but he still is a terrible performer. Maybe space bears/dogs are supposed to be lethargic. I was really pissed to see him hanging out in the luxury sky boxes during the late innings. Get your furry butt down to the masses! At least we got to see Birdzerk. They were a mascot team of at least one guy in a bird suit a la Super Jayhawk and another guy in a couple of different inflatable suits. They were fun! The guy in the inflatable suits did some really cool stunts. He also had a silly string dispenser in one of the suits. Good times!

I also thought about the famous Simpsons episode that gave the team their name. For dinner I had a "fajita dog:" a hot dog smothered in grilled peppers and onions, with jalapenos, wrapped in a tortilla. Yum! Homer:" Those are bold flavors like you might expect in ALBUQUERQUE!"

No singing of Weird Al, please. *grins*
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