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a bunch or random pellets from the weekend.

I did just about nothing. I suppose I could have fursuited at Wildlife West if I had wanted to, but I was lazy. I spent much of my time getting things squared away for AC.

I was pounced on chat by a stranger who was turned on by Sabot. He enjoyed fursuit sex and got all yiffy when he saw my fursuit. I told him if Sabot made him hot, Nevada would melt him. He begged for a pic, but I did him one better by donning the suit (which was out, getting ready to be packed) and getting on webcam. Oh yeah. It worked. About 15 minutes later I was told that I had caused an orgasm. Go me!

"Extreme Dog Walking" season is here! I took Anubis for his walkies on Saturday and barely beat a thunderstorm back to the den. It was a wonderful storm! Very little rain, but incredible bolts of lightning. Had I been up on the mesa, I would have needed a diaper. For those of you that have not walked up there with me, you are essentially the tallest thing around for about 6 square miles. I keep wondering what it would be like to get hit by lightning. Is it just a sudden flash and you're toast? Is it a sizzling just before you're zapped? I really don't want to find out.

My 6 individual tomato plants have merged into one massive tomato bush. I sense I will be bringing fresh salsa to MFM.

I have now rented a car for AC. I will be driving from NYC to Philly on the 7th. I think I have space for a rider. It's costing me a shitload of money, so the rate is $40 one way. I will be returning on the 12th. This also means I have a way of transporting mass quantities of beer and munchies for room parties. Oh yeah. I want rockin parties every night, baby!

And that is all. Have a nice day.
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