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The Interview

Yesterday I interviewed for the data manager's job in this office. To me it's weird to have to interview with your supervisor. She should know the job I do and what I am capable of doing, but in the name of fairness, everyone has to be interviewed. The other 4 candidates get interviewed next week, but I will be in NYC. Because there have been allegations of unfair hiring in the office (precipitated mainly by my boss and the supervisor before her) all interviews are now done by committee. So I had 4 people throw questions at me, some very general, some very specific. I thought I did alright. Not stellar, but I feel that I am probably the most qualified for the position. Unlike the Yakima interview last week, this one took close to an hour and a half. My jaw was tired and my mouth was dry when I finished. It was a very rough interview in that there could be 0% bullshit. In most interviews you could bolster your importance for certain projects and such. Perhaps you spent a few days gathering data. You could turn that into being as assistant on the whole project. You could have taken a one day class in a program and turned that into being an expert with that software. That's kind of hard to do when everyone knows what you have done, knows your skills, and have worked with you on many projects that you are now discussing. On the other paw, you are a know quantity. If they think you can do the job and are not sure about the other person, you will get the job. So now I just wait until I get back from AC. Hopefully I will have some news then. Until then, my thoughts are on skritches, bubble tea, Iron Chefs, the Naked Cowboy, and parties, parties, parties!
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