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Folding like a house of cards

After I made yesterday's update about the river, I was called by the City saying that they would be willing to grant us some storage to move some of our water from one reservoir to another. So essentially we have to do it because we can. If we don't do it, then we become the one and only bad guy since the City has now said o.k. So we will release 400 cfs starting tomorrow and run it through the weekend. As suggested by dexter_fox yesterday, we will start the release on Friday which means Mr River God hopefully will not be able to use his permit which is for today! If he does get to raft tomorrow, then hopefully his plans will be all farked up. I am just waiting for our office boss to come running in and telling me that we have to start the release today so that we don't piss anybody off. We shall see!

What I hate about this whole episode is that we have now rewarded bad behavior. The child screamed for candy, and we gave it to him. He will probably say that it is good river management that we did this. Everyone is happy! Right? Well....yes and no. Yes, it was an operation we could have easily done with us cooperating with the City. Years ago it would not have been a problem at all. But in the current climate of everyone suing each other, our chimps in DC making decisions that piss off everyone, and the Courts that make decisions that make everyone paranoid about what they do and say, it makes operating the river in a sane manner almost impossible. How this operation costs us (even the taxpayers) is that the water is now in a lower reservoir where it is subject to evaporation. So while we paid for 3,000 ac-ft of water, we might only end up with 2,800 due to evaporation. How much does 200 ac-ft cost? Oh, around $8,000. Will the rafters pay for any of this? Only in their taxes. just like you and I.
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