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Saturn is nice, but I would rather see Uranus

I had a dream last night that the Cassini mission had failed. I was really bummed. I woke up today and saw that the dream was wrong and the mighty little spaceship was safely orbiting the planet. Yay! I am a space geek. I love this kind of thing. It's weird growing up as a kid in the 70's and seeing various space launches such as Voyager and then to see "will arrive at Neptune in 1999." You think, "Oh my doG! That's like 20 years from now! I'll never get to see cool pictures from that." And then there they are in Time Magazine. And just last week we flew just a few hundred miles from a comet and will be bringing its dust back to Earth. And I just read that there was a major spacewalk at the International Space Station the other day. *sigh* And all of this is being overshadowed by war and politics. Sad and depressing.

BTW, I leave for AC tomorrow. I will be spending a few days with quentin_coyote, so I may have Internet access. To those that are going, I look forward to either meeting you or seeing you again. I hope to have as many room parties as I can. If you see a floofy polar bear in a Hawaiian shirt, that'll be me. To those of you that are not going, I hope to see you later in the year.
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