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Live form quentincoyote's

We just got back from the fireworks display in Manhattan. OMG! What an awesome spectacle! The highlights: The booms that you can feel in your chest, echoing off of the skyscrapers. The Empire State Building behind you, bathed in red, white, and blue lights. Heading for the subway with several tens of thousands of people. Just hanging out with wonderful friends like quentincoyote, firefoxkac, and jbadger. As well as meeting new friends like rjwolf, mister_f, falconeio, wolventerror, and catmandux.

I arrived in NYC last night. I took a taxi to Q's place and we sat up and yerfed until the wee hours of the morning. I was awaken by Q at 11. We then all eventually headed over to a Chinese place in Flushing Meadows for great food. I am also a bubble tea virgin no more. It's pretty interesting stuff. I liked it. It was great to see tigerman again. Damn those tickles!

And now I'm just mellowing out with a few beers plotting my fursuiting adventures for tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July, and doG bless America. *woof*
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