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Farenheit 9/11

I had a lazy morning at Q's just hanging out and reading. After a late brunch at the local diner, I headed off to Mahattan to see "Farenheit 9/11." Seeing it in Manhattan just a few miles away from Ground Zero made the opening sequence very dramatic for me. I think Moore lost his way in the middle of the movie, but regained his footing in the end. I just wish there was more of the in-your-face kinda stuff like he did in "Roger and Me." Asking congressmen to sign up their own children for military service was right on. Some of the stuff our soldiers are doing and saying in Iraq sound spookily similar to the stuff that came out of Vietnam.

And on a much lighter note, I am soon off to have dinner at freakylynx's cooked by tigerman and keithikins. Tomorrow it's off to AC!

I am happy! I have seen 2 New York City subway rats! Yay!
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