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The AC recap

How can a person summarize their AC experience? Some write long daily logs. Some do bullet points. I think I will do something in between. My overall impression of AC was one of extreme happiness. I was able to suspend reality for 4 days and let my furry side run wild. I hung out with old friends. I finally met my OL friends FTF for the first time. I met new friends.

Highlights: Fursuiting in the lobby and pretending to be a plushie. bradhound pounced me and happily laid in my lap for a long time.

Room parties every night! For the most part thay were not as raucous as the ones at FC and Califur, but they were very fun. The "Bum Wine" tasting was extremely funny. I didn't think anybody would want to drink the Thunderbird or MD 20/20, but they went! The pic of stevefoxx modelling with the bottles is priceless!

The Iron Chef experience was awesome! I had never had a $185 dinner before. It's something extravagant that should be experienced every once in a great while. The phrase of the night, "Get in my mouth!"

I got into a bidding war for a Dark Natasha original of a bear. I hadn't realized that I was bidding against Michelle Light (who had a table next to Natasha in the Dealers Room). I called it quits at $600. I did pic up a Kyoht original of a spirit bear, however, so I was happy.

I should have had a skit for the Masquerade, but I was too lazy to get one worked out. It was enjoyable to sit in the audience and watch. It gave me a better idea as to what works and what doesn't. Dex Raccoon's (aceswild) skit kicked so much ass! And my wonderful furiend bearknight's skit was hilarious. Uncle Kage's story hour was funny. I walked out of the Funday Pawpet Show after about 5 minutes of shear boredom. I missed 2 Gryphon's show because I wanted the R 2 not the PG-13 2. That and I wanted to fursuit. The fursuit dance was fun. I overheated after 4 songs. The parade was awesome as usual.

Things that sucked:
Pennsylvania roads. I hate ending up in Jersey and having to pay a toll to get back. Get some better signs!

Pennsylvania liquor laws. I found the state liquor store. So why don't you sell beer there as well, you morons?!? No beer at supermarkets! No beer at convienence stores! WTF?!?! You suck!

New York City traffic. I survived! And I didn't honk my horn once!

A big shout out to the furs I met for the first time whom I have been chatting with and/or who are LJ friends especially growlcoon, isfacat, u_t_tiger, benbear, brokkentwolf, keithikins, merashallan, pandaguy, pyesetz, rjtremor, and swift_fox.

In other business:
I see that I have returned to about 10 new LJ friends. I bid you welcome to my journal. Hopefully I will be funny and/or insightful.
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