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Everybody's Working for the Weekend

ahhhh. Gotta love Loverboy.

My Anthrocon '03 giant fursuit panorama now adorns my office wall. Furry and proud!

I just got a gig for tomorrow to play Zunipup for Animal Humane at the Hinkle Family Fun Center. tenax will most likely be joining. I sense there will be fursuit mini-golf pictures on the horizon. We will be handled by carol_kitty who will be flying in today to spend a week getting ready for the Santa Fe Opera.

The post-AC LJ friend add-a-thon continues. So many cool new people that have added me and that I have added.

jeil_kitty stopped by last night and I bbq'd some steaks. We were planning on a naked hike on the mesa, but we got too tired. If you've never hiked naked, you're missing something.

And today's icon was from the online comic "Goats" that quentincoyote had posted on his bathroom wall. I thought it would make a nice icon.
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