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Spiders, and Tigers, and Dogs, Oh My!

I love nice busy weekends with friends. On Saturday I was supposed to fursuit for Animal Humane. tenax drove up from Socorro to get in some suit-time as well. When we arrived at the Hinkle Family Fun Center we were told that the event was next week. Yup! I had pulled the ultra-bonehead move of getting the wrong weekend. So as it wouldn't be a total loss, I asked if we could play a round of mini-golf in suit. The manager said, "Sure!" And so we suited up and much silliness ensued. carol_kitty had her paws full keeping Ralph out of trouble and retrieving his golf ball from water traps. We also crashed a birthday party and had a lot of fun with the kids. Here's one pic to whet your appetite.

After mini golf and about an hour and a half in suit, we retreated back to the bear den for some movie fun. We decided to try out the Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon trick. While some parts matched up a little, we determined that you probably had to be really stoned for it to work properly. Matching the tornado scene with "Great Gig in the Sky" was kinda interesting. And having "Lunatic" play while the Scarecrow sang "If I only had a Brain" was funny. After the movie we headed over to Buca da Beppo for tons of great Italian food.

On Sunday Carol and I spent a lazy morning on the patio. I had noticed a large spider web at the top of my bird bath base. The top had broken so only the base remained. There was a large web leading into hole that ran all the way to the bottom. When I felt the silk, it was very tough, almost like thread. From past experiences I suspected a black widow had taken up residence. When I tipped the base up I was awed to see a massive collection of dead insects, some as large as a wasp. They had obviously been captured at the top and then brought to the bottom where they were devoured. I sprayed a hose into one end and a large egg sack fell out. After poking around with a stick, a huge black widow came crawling out. It was one of the largest I have ever seen. Carol let out a loud "Ewwwwww!" and I dispatched it with a satisfying pop under my shoe. They are magnificent critters, but I don't want my pets threatened.

In the afternoon Carol and I decided to go see "Two Brothers." I was pleased to see the theater was pretty packed. Hopefully it was because people wanted to see the movie and not because "I,Robot" and "Spiderman 2" were sold out. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was never quite sure which way the plot was going to turn. In some ways it was overly simplistic, and in other ways the relationships between hunter, boy, and tigers were quite complex. I proposed a different ending in which the ruler made the temple area into a protected reserve which would not only protect the artifacts and the tigers, but also give him a sense of empowerment of which he lacked in the shadow of his father. That's just this bear's opinion. Overall it was a surprisingly good film.
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