Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

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Office Space

Yeeaaaahh. I'm gonna need you to grab your ankles and take one up the ass. Yeaaaahhh. That'll be great.

Our office is going through a reorganization. I really didn't care because nothing really changed for me. Oh, I guess it kind of screwed me since it abolishes the position that would have been a logical promotion for me. And now I find out today that they will be reorganizing offices as well. super. I have to leave my bear den and be put in a high traffic area. I don't mind that a person with lower grade is actually getting an office. He has been in the office forever. I do mind that they are giving an office right across from me to a person who does diddly squat. Plus I have to move all of my shit. *grumbles* All of this won't happen for a few months, but there it is. I had better freakin' find out if I got the other promotion this week. If I didn't get it, I have a feeling I will be spending even more time screwing around on LJ and chatting. I have really had it with my supervisor and her bullshit.
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