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Lights! Camera! Bear!

I have told a few of you this story at AC. I am posting pics of Nevada and carol_kitty for the benefit of a casting director in Hollywood who has been looking at pics of Nevada in action. If everything works as planned, Nevada will be appearing in a major motion picture next year with Carol. I'm not letting myself get too excited, but if it happens, it will be uber-mega-cool. Remember last year I was excited that the Rio Grande Zoo liked the idea of having Nevada perform at concerts and such. Well, I have yet to be called back. So I know that doo-doo happens.

A few months ago, Carol auditioned for a movie to be directed by Baz "Moulin Rouge" Luhrmann. She didn't get the part, but the topic of furry came up and she showed the casting director a pic of me in fursuit. She thought it was great. Later they asked if Carol would be interested in a smaller roll. Part of it would be a Winter carnival scene where she would have to dance with a polar bear. Carol showed her a pic of me as Nevada. The director loved it! This was then further strengthened when she was shown pics of me fursuiting in Times Square. And so we will see what falls out of this. I would love the opportunity to fursuit on film. I may end up on the cutting room floor, but it would be a hell of an experience.

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