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Random Acts of Fursuiting

I was unsure about going to the outdoor movie that mr_silvers wrote about yesterday. This would be my first unannounced/uninvited event. For all of my previous gigs, I was asked to perform. This time it would be just me showing up at a big public event. I had asked my friend Gary to be my handler. He used to be Smokey Bear for the Forest Service, so he knows the joy of fursuiting.

We show up at the Rio Rancho Sports Complex, and the soccer field has a huge crowd already gathered. I suit up in a far parking lot, away from as many eyes as I can. We then walk to the field. As soon as I start to get near the crowd, I am set upon by a mob of little kids! I had hoped to mingle a lot, but I couldn't move! Kids just kept coming and coming! Parnets started bringing their kids over. It was just a non-stop hug-fest! Gary acted as my mouthpiece and my photographer. He got some great shots! Outside of a few kids tugging my stubby tail, there were no problems. I learned that when attending events like this, a handler is a MUST! I had little kids under foot the entire night. All in all, an incredibly wonderful evening!
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