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Weekly wrap up

Got hit with a great rainstorm last night. Sheets of rain and an awesome lightning show. I stood on the patio and watched it with carol_kitty who was amazed by its violence. Poor Anubis huddled up against us shivering in fear.

Had a great dinner with Carol and tenax. More fursuiting fun planned for this weekend.

Baz Luhrman has seen pics of Nevada and likes them a lot.

My garden is producing! I've harvested a bunch of green beans and several peppers, both bell and chili. There has been some cross pollenation since the bell peppers have been coming out elongated. I made a pot of chili con carne using homegrown peppers. Yum! I should end up with a ton of tomatoes. I also harvested my first cucumber. "Is that the foot long?" "And then some!"

I have been trying to put on a happy face at the office. However, I was walking down the hall with my office mate who got the job, and someone stopped to congratulate him on the promotion. It was a kick to the stomach. I just sat in my cube and chatted the rest of the day. On a brighter note, the doofus that got the 4-walled office appears to have taken a job elsewhere, so I may get a real office with a door and everything. There is also a secluded cube that's up for grabs which may also make a nice bear den. Since I didn't get the promotion I have lots of "pity points" in the bank so the boss is trying to placate me.

And that's the weekly wrap up. I hope all of you have a safe and happy weekend. I'll post pics of the fursuiting fun as soon as I get them. If you would like to see more pics from last weekend's silliness with Tenax, check out his LJ post.
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