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Going Postal

Wow. End this freakin day! From my nice light-hearted fursuiting post to this rant, you might think I'm a bi-polar bear. Oy! If one more person from the outside insinuates that I don't know my job just because I don't give a fuck about your own little agenda, I will take a Louisville slugger to their head like mrcougar to a Sharkbox.

First we have the asshat rafter call me up this morning and bitch me out because I cut releases from our dam to near nothing this morning. Excuse me, you dick, but I kept flows higher than I should have over the weekend just so that I wouldn't strand anybody. I waited until Monday to be safe. I don't give a fuck that some outfitter scheduled a trip. That's his own damn fault and the whim of nature. And, yes, we used to make released specifically for rafters ON THE WEEKENDS!!! This is Monday! So fuck you!

Then we have the spoiled little bitch who used to work in the Clinton Administration. Then you went to the State. Now you're working for an Indian tribe. I don't care if you used to work in the White House, you're shit to me. If you can't read my email because your server is messed up, it ain't my problem!

And if you're a new person working for Santa Fe and you don't know how the system works, I guess you should figure it out since it's your job. And if you don't understand my explanation, then you should go to college and get a fucking degree in hydrology. And don't you dare threaten to ask my boss to have her explain it because trust me, bitch, she knows about as much as you do, probably less.

Add to all of these clueless people the fact that 2 out of 3 toilets in the men's john are now out of order (yes, for the whole freakin' office), I think I will wear a diaper to work tomorrow. Oh, stop cheering all of you babyfurs out there *laughs*

I am going home now and stuffing my face full of Chinese food.
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