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Chinese food calmed me down last night, although I had a terrible MSG high afterwards.

The toilets at work are fixed. No diaper needed.

While I was checking the garden last night I noticed some damage to the tomato plants. A quick check revealed the 1st hornworm of the season. I plucked the little bastard from the branch and flung it at the wall where it made a large, satisfying, green *splat!*

While sitting on the patio under the Xmas lights we noticed Anubis sniffing at the ground. I turned on the light and found a sun spider running around. I tried to shoo it off the patio, but it kept running around. I decided to let it live.

I got a phone call from albear and as we were yerfing I saw Anubis once again find something interesting. I turned on the light and this time I found a little scorpion running around. Albear immediately told me to kill it. Carol was going "Ewwwwwww!" and Anubis was sticking his nose way too close to it. So I dispatched it with a stick to the tail. I hated to do that. I have a certain connection with scorpions. I helped a guy in Yuma who was studying scorpions work on his PhD . I collected them from all over the SW. I even brought some back from a trip to Belize. In fact somewhere in the annals of entomology there is a species named after me. I found a unique specimen on one of my trips into the backcountry of SW AZ.

Anyway....there is your lesson on bugs. I hope Harvey Clinger notices me.
(10 points and a hug for identifying that reference)
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