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Bear Droppings

A journey down the furry rabbit hole

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Sabot L'ours
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Greetings! This is the LJ of a furry named Sabot L'ours or Sabot for short. I joined the fandom on November 18, 2002 when I posted my "furvey" to alt.lifestyle.furry. I never thought I would leave The Homestead found there, but this little thing called LJ captured my interest. I have been posting since May of 2003.

While the furry world seems to dominate my social life, I DO have a regular life. I was educated as a geologist but have been working as a hydrologist for almost 20 years. I love managing water in the desert Southwest! It's so challenging and rewarding! I also love to travel. I have been to China, Belize, Australia, southern Africa (S. Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe), New Zealand, and Costa Rica. I love to explore the natural world, especially the critters that reside there!

Now back to that furry thing. Yeah, I really love the whole scene. I wore my first fursuit in 1985 at the Great Halloween Riot on the University of Illinois campus. Good times! For some reason I have always wanted to dress up like an animal character. Finally I discovered the fandom and bought my first suit, Sabot the brown bear. That was followed by Abbey Raccoon, Nevada the polar bear, Zunipup the golden retriever, Basalt the black bear, Freesia the pink panda, Honey Bunny, and Quewe the fully-realistic quad black bear. I LOVE to perform. Guerrilla fursuiting is my forte'. I will suit anyplace, any time. I have been to 8 national parks, major metropolitan areas (Chicago, L.A., Manhattan, San Francisco, etc), and ground zero of 3 nuclear blasts. Yes, I love this whole furry thing. I have lost count of the number of conventions I have been to. FC, AC, MFF, MFM, FWA, CF, and FF. I also love to host furmeets on a regular basis at my den which I call Fur Central.

If you find this journal interesting and want to get to know me better, just drop me a lion. Ooops. I mean line. I'm also a kinky muthah fucker, so if you have some sort of fetish, I bet we share a similar interest. I'm usually pretty open and honest about everything. People can only hold things against you if you are afraid or ashamed about who you are. Life's too short to worry about such trivial things. I hope you enjoy reading this journal. I try to post content that is at least somewhat interesting.

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